Poetry Books (Part Three)

Poetry books make me happy, so here are some more:
( Part One / Part Two )

1. The Moon Will Shine For Us Too by Jennae Cecelia
Even though this was apparently a sequel, I think it stands on its own. I liked the themes that circled around seeing silver linings, or finding stability in the calmness of the days. It was a nice reminder to stop and watch the moon rise each night as a symbol of the illumination that is always present. I enjoyed this gentle nudge to calm down and I would probably be interested in reading more of her work.

2. Velvet Dragonflies by Billy Chapata
My favorite poet, out with a new book! I love Billy’s work for being reflective and introspective and very much promoting personal growth and development. This book was no different, with a big focus on self-love, self-acceptance, self-growth and other introspective themes. I love and appreciate the way he expresses care for others as well as so much love for himself, in a way that everyone should give care to themselves. I always get a lot out of his poetry and this new book was no different.

3. Coal by Audre Lorde
Another favorite author of mine, and I am so excited to read more. I’ve found that sapphic poetry speaks to me on new levels, so my only critique for this is that I did want more of those themes. However, I still love to read of her themes of the black experience, family, and everchanging spirit. I have things on my to-read list by Audre that isn’t poetry, so I’m excited to get into more of her styles and expressions.

4. The Lavender Haze by June Bates
Like I said, yes to more sapphic poetry! I had never read anything from this author before, but I knew she has a few poetry books that are available that are all sapphic themed. I will admit that her style was a little bit predictable for my taste, but hey, lesbians are allowed to have cheesy love poems too! In fact, I think we are entitled to it. So, I still enjoyed it, and I’ll probably still read more.

5. Coming Home To Her by Emily Juniper
I really loved her style of poetry. I hadn’t read her before either, but I loved her cadence and the length of which she wrote. Not all of her poems were sapphic per say, but I felt a bonding from her words in a way that I really related to and appreciated. I found a lot of inspiration from the format in which she writes, for example, poems in the form of witty lists. I’d be excited to read more of her work.

Thanks for reading!

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