Podcast Guest Appearances

Being in the podcast world has been super fun, and one of my favorite things is connecting with other podcasters and being a part of their shows. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be a part of several different shows now, and I’m so proud of how all of the episodes turned out!

1. Life In Bold: The Ben Hawes Podcast, Episode 13: “Gina Finio – Drag Race, Podcasting, Queer Style & Social Media”
My new friend Ben and I talk about living your life boldly – which for me means being out and proud, diving into my creativity, and being authentic!

2. Call Me Curious with Nikki Boyer, Episode 16: “Is Pride More Than Just A Parade?”
I help answer some questions about Pride month that leave people curious, alongside guest Ross Mathews and hosts Nikki Boyer and Mr. Malone.

3. Hookup Horror Stories with Demi Wylde, Episode 4: “Parole-Avoidant Selfie Snapper”
Demi and I laugh through all the dirty (and X-rated) details of one of my worst Tinder hook-up stories back from when I used to date (questionable) men.

Don’t forget to listen to Sapphic Survival Guide every Wednesday and Umm, Hello? every Thursday wherever you listen to podcasts!

And, as always, you can catch me here and there as a loon on Ross Mathew’s podcast, Straight Talk with Ross.

Thanks for reading!

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