Celebrity Books To Read

Being very into pop culture, I enjoy reading memoirs written by celebs as a way to get to know them better. I’ve read both of Ross Mathews’ books, Lamar Odom’s memoir, all of the books written by the Fab 5 from Queer Eye, and many many more. Here’s a few that came out in the past year that I recently finished:

1. How Y’All Doing? by Leslie Jordan
Whether you are a fan from American Horror Story, The Help, or even just Instagram – Leslie Jordan does not disappoint. He is so charming and adorable, even through print, and his book was a really nice and refreshing read. You can definitely hear his tone through his writing and his life did not always take the obvious route. His stories and memories are adorably shared and I enjoyed getting to know him a little more – his life was not what I would have expected. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for something light and happy.

2. Please Don’t Sit On My Bed In Your Outside Clothes by Phoebe Robinson
Don’t sleep on Phoebe Robinson! You might know her from her podcast turned HBO series, Two Dope Queens, for her other book, You Can’t Touch My Hair, or from touring with Michelle Obama on her Becoming book tour. Weirdly, I was introduced to her on Rupaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race. No matter where you find her, you’ll love her. She’s super fun, relatable, and charismatic. Her book has a lot of great content in it, but I will admit that some of it is a little lengthy. That being said, I still got a lot out of reading her thoughts. Her words are important, and I look forward to more of her in the future. This is a great read for anyone who doesn’t mind a casual book that’s a little on the long side.

3. My Name’s Yours, What’s Alaska? by Alaska Thunderfuck
I’m a big big fan of Alaska’s – obviously from RuPaul’s Drag Race and her recap podcast Race Chaser with Willam, but also just as a human. I feel like I could relate to her so much, as a Pennsylvania girl myself, and because she super-fans over things the way that I do. I loved getting to know her better, especially seeing more insight into her relationship with Sharon needles. The behind-the-scenes info on Drag Race and fame was also really interesting, and the pictures were definitely my favorite part. If you’re a fan of Alaska’s, don’t hesitate to grab her book.

As always, more reading to come.

Thanks for reading!

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