5 Maid of Honor Tips

After a successful bachelorette trip, it was time for the big day itself! As Maid of Honor, most of the heavy lifting gets done through the bridal shower and bachelorette parties – I was lucky enough to have the bride assign co-maids of honor titles: one to me (high school bestie) and one to her bestie from college. So we each took an event, and we absolutely crushed it. However, there’s still tons to do as Maid of Honor the day of the wedding – and even more you can do to help make the day extra special.

For anyone who may need some advice on how to be the best, most amazing, sickest, dopest maid of honor possible, here are 5 tips from my experience that I can pass on:

1. Work on your speech WELL in advance. Don’t leave this for last minute. The speech can be something you can easily knock out of the park with a little time and effort put in. My biggest advice for writing a great speech is to make sure it’s personal to the bride and groom but also something the whole room can enjoy. Keep it light and happy, don’t mention anything that might cause uncomfortability, and don’t make it too much about yourself. Here’s a quick outline that I would recommend following:

Introduce yourself and how you know the bride/groom
Mention how thankful you are to be there
Tell a cute story/make a lighthearted joke
Talk about what you love about the bride
Talk about them as a couple
Wish them well for the future.
Toast & Cheers!

If you use that basic format, add in all the personal details and flare, you’ll knock it out of the park.

2. Make sure bride gets to eat. That includes dessert! This isn’t just to have food in her stomach with all the champagne flowing, but also because she put a lot of time and effort into putting this menu together. Make sure she gets to enjoy it! Keep an eye out during dinner that she has a full plate and ensure she has time to clear as much as possible before the staff comes to take the plates away. Of course the newly married couple is going to cut the cake, but make sure she gets to enjoy a piece. In my case, there was an ice cream bar, but I made sure to ask the bride if she got some ice cream, which led to me blocking the way for her to get some. A simple, “the bride is taking a quick break to get dessert!” is something that most guests eager to talk to the bride can understand, so make sure you speak up for the bride who may be too nice to cut a conversation short!

3. If you can, make some curated playlists. I had a “getting ready” playlist with all the classic wedding-themed songs, mixed in with some of the bride’s favorites. Take requests from other bridesmaids and relatives, and be ready to change the vibe if people need to relax or be more hyped up. If possible, have a playlist ready for the car ride to the venue if it’s separate from where you are getting ready. Make sure it’s something that will get everyone in the mood and keep a big smile on the bride’s face. In my case, the music made me totally lose it and start crying on the way to the venue – which the bride found hilarious.

4. Get the flower girl included. She may not be able to cheers with champagne or reminisce about the bachelorette party, but she’s still a part of the bridal party and is likely very important to the bride. If she is getting ready or rehearsing with you all, try to get to know her. Try not to talk to her like she is a kid, but rather one of the girls. Take pictures and selfies and include her in the “getting ready talk”. And at the reception, pull her onto the dance floor. It’ll make for some really memorable moments to have her more involved.

5. Add some finishing-touches with signs and photobooth things. Let me be clear – this does not mean you should take on huge decorations and spend loads of money and impose on what the bride has put together at her venue. BUT I would recommending grabbing 3 small things if you are able that should cost you less than $5 each. The first is a backdrop or balloons for you and the other bridesmaids to take pictures in front of wherever you are getting ready. The one I got had some streamers hanging with heart shaped balloons and one that said “love”, and it cost about $4.99. The second is a “just married” sign for your after-party. Even if you end up in someone’s hotel suite, this is a cute little thing you can hang in the corner to make the room a little more special. We were at a bar, so I hung it near the entrace with no one’s permission asked. The sign was small and white and only cost $2.50. And the last – if you can – is a “just married” sign that you can sneak somewhere for the bride and groom to find after the reception. I was lucky enough to have access to their hotel suite, but even in their exit limo/car or lobby of where they are staying would still be a cute thing for them to find after the fun is done. I used balloons that spelled out “just married”, and I also included a little card with a note for them. The balloons were $3.00 and the card was probably $7 because it was Papyrus. This isn’t something you have to do, but can help to make the couple feel extra special.

BONUS Tip: Have a creative reception entrance. Talk to your walking partner ahead of time, try to come up with something unique, but plan something that fits you both. Funny props, a super short dance routine, or some sort of drinking stunt can make for a fun arrival to the reception. And don’t forget to have a great time, and break it down on the dance floor!

The pictures from this wedding were so wonderful, so I have to take a moment to splash a few more of them here:

To my beautiful friend who made the most lovely bride, thank you for including me in your special day, as well as so many other important moments of your life. I am so grateful to have been your Maid of Honor, so lucky to be your friend, and I love you oh so very much, forever.

More video footage, including my full speech, can be found here.

💍Thanks for reading!

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