CO$T Projects


One of my best friends has a cousin who started designing a modern and unique clothing brand after a college project took off via Instagram. What started out as an assignment was developed into a street-wear brand that highlights individuality and uniqueness.

For 150 days, CO$T launched Project one/one, which involved auctioning off hoodies and shirts via Instagram. Each design was entirely unique, featuring portraits of cultural icons printed on a variety of colors that were dyed on by hand. The icons included artists, musicians, comedians and more. No design was ever repeated, making every single item a one of a kind. The piece was posted on Instagram, and followers were then able to comment their bid. At midnight, the highest bidder would win the item to receive via mail.

Truthfully, it wasn’t easy to win. I got close several times on some pieces that I really, really, really wanted to cop, but I was out bid within literal seconds of the midnight deadline. I was outbid by 32 seconds on a Snoop Dogg release, and I was unfortunately in Vegas for an amazing Marilyn Monroe release and wasn’t able to be on my phone at the right time. Other pieces I wanted but missed out on included Cardi B, Fetty Wop, John Lennon, and more. My friend Rachel was able to cop a John Mayer TShirt! They also did a dope SuperBowl series when the Eagles played the Patriots, a tribute series to Mac Miller, and they’ve been involved in many charity projects as well.

On Valentine’s Day, CO$T did a special release where they dropped a set of twin hoodies that were dyed in IMG-2299.pngValentine’s Day style. If my memory services me correctly, this was done via their Insta story, and there was a static price that they made for each hoodie. The first to claim either of the pair would immediately get it. I was able to cop the second of the set, which was extremely exciting since this was my first CO$T win. It was very simple to exchange information with them via Instagram in order to get this delivered, and it was very timely. So on top of the dope designs, the solid customer service was also there.


IMG-2858After the one/one project had ended, CO$T did a series of 7 sweatshirts of CO$T x Matchbox. These sweatshirts were really my style, since I’m a huge fan of a good crewneck, and they were really unique. Each sweatshirt was a pairing of two bold colors, one of them taking up the entirely of a sleeve with a $ design accenting the other. Once I saw the release with my college colors, maroon and gold (hey Kutztown) I definitely wanted make that mine. Since I had already known how to play the game by this point, I was able to cop it.


Even though there are no more one/one releases, CO$T still will do time-sensitive releases from time to time on their Instagram. There are also some promotional items here and there, and that’s when I was able to get my latest cop – the Starry Night sweatshirt. It’s another crew neck so naturally it caught my attention – but I also loved the splatter pattern and the gold highlights. It was on sale and promotes on their Insta, so I was able to cop it immediately once seeing the post. Since I’m a friend of the family and I’m assuming Cole knows who I am, he sent me a really sweet personal note with my package thanking me for supporting the brand (it’s the little things).

IMG-2300To cop some of CO$T Project’s dope pieces, go straight to their website at and head to “projects”. Since they are always creating and releasing new things, and sometimes still do auctions / promotions via Instagram, I highly recommend following them @cost_projects. When they are working on new releases, you can sometimes see the process via their insta story, and links to any pieces you see are available in their feed as well. Highly recommending heading over and checking them out ASAP.

Thanks for reading.



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